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You know, sometimes the hardest part of any exercise program is getting started! Do you ever feel like if someone just carries you to the gym and puts you on the machine, then you would workout? :) Starting does not have to be hard, actually its quite simple. Whether you are starting at the gym, outside or at home ... There are many ways to get your workout going.

First things first, you must make the resolution to ... GO! Thats right, just go! If you are going to workout at home, as Nike always says, "Just do it!" After you resolve to do it here are a few basics for either the gym or at home:

Gym Workouts
*First suggestion is to talk with the front desk there. Most gyms offer an orientation for free which is basically a one time personal training session. They can help you get started and comfortable with the basics and are always there to answer any questions you have.

Warm up-
You can do this on any type of machine; treadmill, bike, elliptical. If you walked to the gym, you can count that as your warm up. Now I'm not talking about if you walked from your car to the gym, that doesnt count! If you dont want to use a machine, go in the gym and run a bit, do a few sprints, jumping jacks or something that gets your blood pumping and your muscles all nice and warm!

Workout -
Strength Training:Your best bet if you are completely new to working out is to follow their weight machine circuit. Its all the machines to work all of your muscles all in neat rows in order of how you are supposed to do them. Each machine tells you exactly how to perform each exercise. If you do these, opt for lighter weight and minimal weights to begin with until you are confident in performing the exercise properly. Then you can up the weight and reps. Always take it easy the first day, you dont want to get too sore then not go back again.
Your cardio exercise can be the same as your warm up, just perform it for 20 minutes if you are just starting out. If you have been exercising, perform your cardio for about 45 minutes or so with intervals worked in. This will help your aerobic and anaerobic systems get more conditioned.

Cool Down - 
Please, please, please perform a cool down after you have exercised. This is usually done after your cardio session and gives your heart a chance to slow down gradually instead of a sudden stop, which when it comes to your heart, your really dont want! This can be the same as the warm up, the same as the actual cardio you just performed, just at a slower speed and intensity. Gradually slow down and let your heart rate get back to normal (usually below 120 is a good indicator that you can stop the cool down). 
Flexibility: Every workout session that you do should include flexibility. One of the best things you can do now for your body later is stretch. It will help with your ease of movement when you get older if you have a strong base in flexibility. Make sure to always do this after your cardio sessions, stretching cold muscles will result in a very negative way! Every gym has posters on how to stretch each body part, usually located by the stretching mats or the Stability balls.

At Home Workout
Your at home workout will be very flexible yet to some it can be very difficult. If you find you have enough intrinsic motivation to get up from what you are doing or should be doing (dishes, laundry, etc etc) and workout, then working out at home can be very rewarding! There are so many different workouts you can do and you are not limited to a machine or a treadmill.

Warm up -
Any movement of your body that gets your blood pumping. This can be jumping jacks, jump squats, running in place, high knee raises, step ups, and really the list can go on and on, use your imagination and later I will try to provide some pictures of different exercises you can do! Perform these exercises for again, 3-5 minutes. The goal is to get your heart going, warm up those muscles and tell the rest of your body your about to kick it into high gear!

Workout -
Strength Training: This could actually be one of the simplest things you do at home to increase your health and fitness level. Even if you do no cardio, you can work your strength training in a way that you do it all at once! This is what we are going to do! Are you ready? Because I'm super excited to show you how to kick it into high gear in a short amount of time!
Perform this circuit 1x every other day (3x for a week) for the first few weeks if you are just starting out. Otherwise, do it 3x a week and perform the circuit 2-3 times. Perform each individual exercise for 1 minute a piece, then move on to the next exercise in line.

Split squat*
Side Knee Raises

Cardio needs to be done at an all out pace, this is only for a minute, so kick it into high gear girlie! Can be any of the warm up exercises listed above or anything else that gets your heart pumping and YOU moving!
Push-ups can be done girlie style, with hands on a wall or desk, or if your tough enough like a man! :)
Split Squats: Stand with your back to a chair or the sofa, put the top of one foot on the the chair and squat down. Make sure your front knee does not go over your toes, so stand far enough away from the chair that you can do that. Switch feet at 30 seconds. If you do 2 circuits, switch feet on the next circuit so each leg gets 1 minute a piece.

Cool Down -
Even though you are working out at home and not doing a huge long run on the treadmill, you still need to cool down! Your body just had a major workout, your heart got pumped, so let it cool down properly and slowly so you dont do any harm to it!
Flexibility: Okay so your not at a gym reading a poster on how to stretch, but here ya go ... the basics of stretching until I can get pictures up to show you. Sit on the ground with legs out in the shape of a V ... slowly lean to one side, trying to touch your toes. Don't go too deep to cause pain, you want to feel a slight stretch, not like your about to tear a leg off! Now hold that stretch for about 30 seconds and switch to the middle, bringing your hands out as your lean down in between your legs. Again, just enough to feel a slight stretch. Hold for 30 then go to the other side. Stand up and bring one foot behind you, bending at the knee and grab your heel to hold it there. Stretch for 30 seconds and switch legs again. To stretch your chest out, since we just worked it too (!) all you have to do is reach your arms behind you and try to grab your hands. If you cant reach all the way back, just reach as far as you can. You can move slightly in this stretch, going deeper each time you go, but do not move fast in this movement. It must be a slow and controlled movement!

Okay there is your beginner workout! For either the gym or the home, you now have no excuse to NOT go workout! Lets go and lets get started on our Fit Journey, Fit Moms!!
Heather Pegram
4/30/2010 12:29:46

You are so right! Getting up and doing the workout is 90% of the battle. Thanks for the motivation!


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