Learn a little something about me ...

Hello! My name is Laurie and I am so glad you decided to take that first step and visit our site. Fit Moms Club is located in the Hinesville/Ft. Stewart area of South East Georgia, catering to mothers everywhere. Like I have said previously, Fit Moms Club is made for that mom that just wants to be healthy, get on that right track to the betterment of herself FOR her family. I know exactly what your going through. I must admit that I am not in the most perfect condition in my life, but I do KNOW what to do and like you, need that extra motivation by having people there with me.

My background is saturated with Fitness in many aspects. I started working out my junior year of high school because of a Christmas present from my parents. Ever since then I had been so incredibly interested in that whole realm of life. When I went to college, my mind was focused on getting a degree in business so I can open my own health club. When I transferred schools from a technical college to a Christian university they had exactly what I was looking for; a degree in Sports and Wellness Management. This area of study was perfect for me. It taught me how to; manage a health club, assess individuals for their fitness level, and help them achieve their goals. While in college I helped manage the dorm fitness facility and worked in many other health clubs. I did my internship at a YMCA in my hometown working for the Fitness Director (My dream job at the time). While I was there I assessed, evaluated and trained many clients. I made their fitness routines, worked out with them and encouraged them to accomplish their goals. I also trained senior citizens in a special class and worked as a physical education teacher for a Christian school during that time as well.

Right out of college I went to Grad school for Sports Administration, giving me even further understanding on how the body works, train different clients and manage a facility. Now, right after Grad school I got married and my husband deployed to Iraq for a 12 month tour of duty. My career goals were put on hold and we had our first child. The rest you all probably know all too well, life got ahead of me and my family became first. I put myself last and didnt even realize where I was taking my body. After 5 years of being out of touch, with stints of exercise here and there, I felt that by helping others achieve their goals, they could help me achieve mine as well.

I dont want to be your hard nosed Personal Trainer, I want to be your knowledgeable friend who works out with you and your child. My view of this is that it should definately be a partnership. I cannot succeed in training you if you dont give your best, or try to give your best, and you cannot succeed if I dont give you my best. Take one of my classes and see if its something you would like and we can start our partnership off right.  I want to emphasize again that I dont want you to think that I am this wonderfully fit personal trainer, because I am not, but I do want us all to get to our goals and a healthy place in life for our children. Thanks for your time and I really hope to meet you soon!