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All Payments can be made in cash or Paypal ( prior to services being rendered.

Motivation Nation
$20 a month (First month free if purchased with Online Personal Training Package)

Do you need that extra motivation to keep you going when you start an exercise routine or healthy eating plan? Do you need someone to keep you accountable to your goals? Sign up for Motivation Nation and I will be that person for you. Initially we will discuss your goals and how much accountability and motivation you need and I will set up a time to talk with you weekly about how you are doing. We can keep into contact via Email and phone making sure you are accomplishing your goals! Pair this with the Online Personal Training for an overall great program that will help you succeed and reach those goals!

Online Personal Training
$15.00 for consultation and initial program

There are so many things that we all want to do with our lives. Do you want to lose weight? Get into shape for a special event or just become more healthy overall? Are you new to working out or have you been at it for a while and just need a dash of something new? Purchase my Online Personal Training and I will create a program for you, offer you advice and support while you go along your journey. This is not a multiple time payment, pay me once and you get me :)

Group Personal Training
$30 per group, per hour

Get your friends together to enjoy a group personal training session at the location of your choice. Do you want to know how to work out at home, so you don't have to worry about gym fees or child care? Do you want to know how to get a great workout in while you take a walk with your kids? Or perhaps you want a great workout kid free at the gym ... sign up and I"ll show you how to get it ... any way you want :)

Home Fitness Party's!!
$10 a person ( up to 10 people, then its $5 per person)

Who really needs an excuse to get their friends together for a party? Invite your friends over, and learn how to fit fitness in wherever you go, we will be learning certain exercises as well as a brief lesson in what cardio excerises to do and how to make your home a little more fitness friendly (including your eats!) ... Invite more people so the cost per person is lower... come on get your girls together and enjoy a fun filled time together learning how to make your life better! Your party can be based on either at home exercises, healthy cooking lessons,

Group Classes - (Will be starting up again in September!)
$10 a class

Fit Moms Club classes are designed to get you moving, learn how your body works and what is good for it! We will teach you exercises you can do in your home while taking care of your family as well healthy meal tips and snacks for your loved ones. Each class will be something different; doing a fitness walk one day with the children in tow, a cooking class the next and taking it to the gym another day. All healthy lifestyle issues for you and your family will be addressed during these classes! Contact me to show interest and with enough people we will get a class started once the weather cools off!