There is one exercise out there, that if you are one of the few that can do it, you are considered an elite, so to speak. That exercise? The Pull-up! Can you do it? Would you like to learn how to train your muscles to perform this elitist's exercise? Check out the exercises below ..

Lets start the basics, in order to perform a pull-up you have to use what mucles? Well your upper, lower and middle back, your whole shoulder area, your biceps, forearms, chest and neck. Not to mention your abs and lower back that help stabilize you as well. So, its pretty much every single upper body muscle group that needs to be worked. So what can you do to enhance your ability to be able to do one?

When doing your upper body workouts, you want to work the largest muscle groups first; chest, lats (back), then the smaller muscles next; biceps, traps, shoulders, abs, lower back. So lets get started (finally right?!).

Perform 3 sets of each exercise 8-12 times
* Bench Press
* Lat Pull Downs (Email me for different exercises if you dont have access to a machine)
* Round Robins (Start with DB out to the front, shoulder height ... bring to side and down, then back up the front and repeat)
* Bicep Curls

Once you get about 3 or 4 weeks in of training, suppliment the lat pull downs with an assisted pull-up machine. After you complete a few more workouts of this, do the negative pull-up ... just getting your chin over the bar. If you cannot support your own body weight for the pull-up just yet, do this: take a bar and place it so that you can hang down from it with your bottom just a few inches off the floor with legs extended. Pull your body up to the bar and repeat (Kind of like reverse bench press). Each time you can perform the allotted sets/reps move the bar up a few more inches until you are supporting your own body weight, then you can move on to a grown up pull up :)

Enjoy and let me know how it goes!

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