When trying to start eating healthy after a time of just feeding your family convenient, processed foods ... It can be hard to get out of that habit. Once you have made the move, the resolve, to eat healthier, its then hard to get your kids off of that processed, over sugary and convenient foods they are so used to. Here are some tips to getting your kids, and yourself, to eat more healthy.

1. Have regular family meals.
Sitting down as a family will encourage your children to eat what you are eating. It helps to create a very special bond between everyone and when you are eating healthy food it strengthens that bond knowing that you are doing everything you can to give them a good start to their life!

2. Serve a variety of healthy foods and snacks.
There are so many healthy foods and snacks out there, do a little research and look in different cookbooks to find things your children might be interested in. Serve the color of the rainbow in fruits and veggies and make games out of it. There are so many wonderful flavors out there ... Here are just a few
- applesauce with a half or quarter PB sandwich made with whole wheat bread
- apple with PB
- Celery with PB
- Yogurt with granola mixed in
- Banana with PB
- All fruits and veggies

Its so easy to just grab an unhealthy, over processed, over sugary snack ... but is it the best thing for our kids?

3. Be a role model by eating healthy yourself.
Kids imitate you. Eat healthy and your kids will likely eat healthier as well. Dont buy the junk food and have it sit in the house, dont go and get fast food because you dont want to cook. If you show your kids what it looks like to eat healthy, they will too! Be the example you want your children to be!

4. Avoid battles over food.
This one can be tough, but if you dont buy junk food ... or unhealthy food, then it wont be too terrible. If your child wont eat healthy, be the parent ... whichever method works best for you (they sit at the table until they eat it, or they go to bed hungry) then do that method ... dont worry, your children wont starve. But let them know who is boss!

Okay, so here is a more "PC" way of acting ... If your kids want Mac and Cheese ... then make it, homemade! Use whole wheat noodles, skim milk and 1% cheese for the cheese sauce. Try to find butter to use that does not have additives or preservatives in it (Its out there, trust me because I buy it!) Add in chopped up broccoli so they get a veggie in there too. Find different ways of making the foods your kids like! Only healthier!

5. Involve kids in the process.
Kids absolutely love to help their mamas in the kitchen! Get t hem to help you prep, cook and serve the dinner! Ask them what they want to eat, make them feel like they took ownership for dinner and praise them like crazy when they help you! Take the Mac and Cheese ... have them help you stir it, pouring in the ingredients and then putting it on plates (All with adult supervision/help of course!) .. Have them help set the table and feel like they are doing something! It really does work wonders!

Stay tuned and I will add in some kid friendly recipes that they can help you make! Let me know how it goes!!!

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