The last blog I wrote I talked about how to get started with your exercise regime. Although exercise is very important to a healthy lifestyle and becoming the fit mom you (we all) want to be ... there is another equally, perhaps more important part to the equation. It is ... are you ready? Healthy eating! I know we all hate to think about it, but lets take a look at this aspect and see where it takes us?

First of all ... what do you consider "healthy"? Society, mainstream, the world .. whatever you want to call it, considers healthy staying in a certain calorie range and eating from the food pyramid, right? We have all thought, for the longest time, that as long as we didnt go over 1500 or so calories a day, we should be good and lose weight ... oh but we would have to also exercise a ton seeing that we have more calories OUT than we have coming IN right? What if I told you ... which many people know already, that you didn'
t have to count calories? That as long as you eat what your body requires that you can just eat?

Living the lifestyle of eating clean has become so many peoples "saving grace" when it comes to the whole diet cycle (You know the one, you count calories, lose a few pounds then stop and you gain it all back, or you count and count calories but whatever you do it never seems to help you lose weight?).  The most important principles of clean eating are:

 - Eat every 2.5 to 3 hours
 - Eliminate all refined foods including white flour, sugar and rice
 - Shop the outer perimeter of the super market, staying away from the processed foods in the center aisles.
 - Load up on Veggies and lean meats and throw in a splash of fruit and whole grains.
 - Drink only water and non decaff drinks.

Following these "simple" rules will make a complete difference in your health. An added benefit is that you could lose a few pounds too :)

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