Do you get so beyond yourself trying to do things for others that you forget about yourself?

I have recently taken the huge step of finishing my Masters degree. All I needed was my internship and I am finally doing it! Way to go Me! Well, along with "working" full-time, being a full-time "single" mom, and trying to live a healthy life ... something falls to the wayside. Unfortunately its usually the last thing isn't it? I am so tired that I dont wake up on time. That one little act, affects so many different parts of my day. I don't have the time to do my daily devotionals, I don't get a chance to eat breakfast because I'm running behind, I don't have time to pack my lunch or healthy stuff and if that happens, I end up eating poorly.

I am also taking my personal trainers certification exam on the 10th of April and am studying for that right now. That has to wait until my daughter is in bed, which is usually when I would lay out our clothes for the next day and pack my lunch. Can you see where it all gets put to the side because of that one "little" act of hitting the snooze too many times! Its just crazy.

I need to change it. So tonight, this weekend ... I am setting up a schedule of how I would like my days to go. What is best for me and my daughter right now. When to get up, what to do in the morning and what to do after work etc. I'm going to make a plan of when to pack my lunch, what to eat for my meals (so I can continue to eat clean and feel healthy and not resort to unhealthy options), when to clean and what to clean on what days. Seems like its a little rigid? Too spelled out, no room for error? EXACTLY ... I'm not doing it and I'm letting a whole bunch of error seep in ... Not anymore! It all Changes this weekend!

Want to join me in the adventure?